Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Rochester NY

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Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the country. One-third of Americans will die of cardiovascular problems. Why is cardiovascular disease so common? What are the reasons behind this scary statistic?

While cardiovascular disease kills more and more Americans, diabetes is also becoming more common. The number of Americans with diabetes has shot up in recent decades. Diabetes is seven times more common today than it was in the 1950s.

The reason for the rise in diabetes and cardiovascular disease are the same. There is an obesity crisis in America. Obesity has led to record rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Holistic Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

Holistic practitioners look at whole body systems. They find what is out of balance in the body and bring it back into harmony. One way of doing this is by looking at the mental wellbeing of the patient. Depression, insomnia, and stress raise the risk of cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

Another part of a holistic approach is looking at the foods patients eat and balancing them for a patient’s best health. The way we eat has major effects on our health. What we eat has changed over the decades. This has led to the diabetes and cardiovascular disease epidemics. Understanding what the body needs, and what it lacks, is the key to improving cardiovascular health and diabetes.

Protein and Cardiovascular Health

One of the simplest ways of maintaining health and wellness is by eating enough protein. Protein is an important part of avoiding cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Changes in how we eat protein are part of the reason that cardiovascular problems and diabetes are so common.

There are various reasons that the average American eats less healthy protein than ever before. One reason protein has become less common is because of weight loss health fads. These tell people to remove certain food groups from their diets. This puts our bodies’ nutrients out of balance.

For others, the problem is that protein is expensive. Not only is it costly, but eating enough protein can be inconvenient. We live in culture with a fast food mentality. Cheap food is low on protein and high on fats and empty carbohydrates. This is a problem, not just because fats and carbohydrates lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It is also harmful because it takes the place of protein. Protein is one of the fundamental building blocks of the body. It has a major effect on the metabolism. The metabolism determines how fast our bodies run. A slower metabolism can lead to obesity, which can cause cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Dieting, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease

Diet is the number one way to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Dieting before you develop diabetes or cardiovascular disease can save your life.

A healthy diet starts with proper planning. Health and wellness may seem hard to maintain at times. It is easier if you have a game plan.

The first step is learning to live within your budget. It’s helpful to spend part of your weekend planning and cooking your meals for the coming week. You can make a list of foods that will improve your cardiovascular health while reducing your diabetes risk.

To avoid diabetes, balancing blood sugar is critical. If our blood sugar is out of balance, how can we expect to overcome cravings, low blood sugar, and diabetes? With help from your holistic physician, you can learn which foods raise and lower your blood sugar. They can tell you how blood sugar works and why it matters. This will help you make healthy decisions on your own. Making small changes can go a long way in reducing your diabetes risk.

Your holistic medicine practitioner can help you create a plan. They can give you simple tips, like what foods are rich in protein and easy to prepare. For example, hard boiled eggs are simple to make and easy to store. Having some in the refrigerator can come in handy when you’re running late. Having easy, accessible, and tasty proteins on hand means you might be less tempted to eat junk food.

Guidance from a trusted physician can help make the idea of dieting less scary and more manageable. This means that you will be more likely to stick to the healthy changes. A healthy lifestyle is the key to avoiding cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Your holistic medicine physician can make it easier.

Protein and Vegetarians

Diet, digestion, and detoxification are all important in maintaining cardiovascular health and preventing diabetes. This means eating foods that keep the body running properly. The right balance helps you absorb healthy nutrients and removing harmful toxins.

Some prefer to take this path as vegetarians. No matter how you do it, it’s very important to get enough protein. Sometimes, people who become vegetarians end up eating mostly empty carbohydrates, like pasta. Many don’t understand the importance of protein, or know what healthy options are out there. Vegetarians need protein to fight cardiovascular disease and diabetes just as much as meat eaters do.

A good physician won’t just tell you to eat more protein. They will explain to you what protein does, how it works, and where to get it. They will help you understand how dietary changes can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

This is what holistic care is all about: providing patients with a better understanding of how their bodies work, and teaching them how to help them run at their best. 

Balancing Your Health

All the body’s systems work together to maintain balance in the body. Our bodies fight off many challenges to its balance. Diet is an important part of avoiding cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Still, there are many processes that are involved in a healthy, balanced system. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are caused by imbalances in areas other than just diet.

There is a mind-body connection involved in cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Stress and depression can make the cardiovascular system have to work harder. This means the body is out of balance, with one part doing more work than the rest. It can cause physical stress on the body.

Depression and stress can also cause mental stress, leading to bad health and diet choices. These common problems put the body out of balance, leading to cardiovascular disease and diabetes risk. Even getting too little sleep works the body’s systems too hard, changing the body’s natural harmony.

How can holistic treatment help?

The human body is amazing. It is always performing a death-defying balancing act. When we make choices that make that balancing act harder, major problems like cardiovascular disease and diabetes occur. Healthy lifestyles and choices reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

With holistic health care, you will have the guidance you need to help your body stay balanced. We start by taking a complete history, learning about you and your lifestyle. Then we will do a laboratory workup to find what is out of balance in your body. Then, with treatment, we can begin to return you to a healthy harmony.

You can improve your health and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We can help.

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