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Integrative Medicine and Digestive Disorders

Chiropractic can be extremely effective at treating issues related to digestion such as heartburn, IBS and other digestive issues. These can be treated with manipulations and other chiropractic methods.

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Diabetes and Cardiovascular

Two of the most common diseases in the world both come with serious challenges for modern medicine. Learn how acupuncture treatments can help you.

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Complementary Care for Cancer Treatment

Complementary treatments are often used alongside standard treatments, but are not standard treatment themselves. We provide alternative medicine to help any cancer patient.

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We provide Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Holistic Medicine specializing in problem cases.

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Welcome to Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture.  Our office is in Penfield, NY a suburb of Rochester, NY!  We provide Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Holistic Medicine, Alternative and Naturopathic services. Most of all, Dr. Sadlon is dedicated to inspiring and serving our community by providing the highest quality chiropractic care.

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By focusing on educating our clients about the power of the human body and its innate ability to heal itself and be well, we provide a greater knowledge of health to our clients. In conclusion, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a pain-free life using holistic medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, natural supplements, enzymes, herbology, and massage.

Chiropractic Care

If you are seeking a Chiropractor in Rochester NY with years of knowledge and experience to help with your injuries and disorders of the muscles, ligaments, and joints Dr. Steven Sadlon and his team can help you with the treatment and care of your injuries. We use a different, patient focused and unique hands-on, prescription medication and drug-free approach to the care and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal problems. 

Whether you are experiencing chronic or spontaneous neck or back pain, pain in the joints, arms or legs, or even headaches our chiropractic care and treatment will aid in your recovery.  Chiropractors are trained to diagnose conditions and recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises specifically designed for you and your body to cure your chiropractic problems.


Acupuncture in Rochester NY  Dr. Sadlon holds a diplomate in oriental medicine and Chinese herbology. Acupuncture is an integrative form of Chinese Medicine whose practice dates back centuries.  Very tiny needles are used to stimulate the body at specific points to help alleviate pain and a wide range of other ailments.  That makes Acupuncture a non-invasive treatment with a proven history of effectiveness and is a great addition to your holistic medicine and alternative medicine plan.

A Brief Introduction to Dr. Sadlon

Dr. Sadlon began his healthcare career in 1976 working as a child psychologist for NY State Office of Developmental Disabilities. A member of an interdisciplinary team he helped developed nutritional protocols and behavioral interventions in assisting handicapped children to cope with ADD issues and daily living skills. Additionally, Dr. Sadlon has been practicing chiropractic and acupuncture since 1986.

While living in Ann Arbor Michigan in the 1980’s Dr. Sadlon studied with Dr. George Goodheart the founder of Applied Kinesiology and has worked closely with many of his associates over the years. Furthermore, Dr. Sadlon also holds an advanced degree as an Internal Health Care Specialist from Logan College and directs his practice on evidence-based medicine.

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With an office located in the Rochester, NY area Dr. Sadlon assists patients in achieving their ultimate health goals using holistic medicine. Dr. Sadlon is licensed in acupuncture and chiropractic services.

An initial consultation at Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture is always free.
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What Our Patients Say

  • Larry Foster

    A Whole New Perspective

    Chiropractic Health, Acupuncture and Nutrition

    I want to share two case studies which I hope can help others. One relates to a systemic issue and the other relates to an accident.

    I am a fifty-two year old executive in a software company. I thought I was doing a good job of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately as an executive, I sit at either my desk or in meetings most of the working day. One night at a company function I was rushed to the hospital due to a choking incident. I was diagnosed with a constricted esophagus. After visiting a few gastrointestinal doctors who each performed an upper gastrointestinal (UGI) endoscopy, I was prescribed lansoprazole.  After starting the medicine, I noticed that an occasional piercing pain that I was experiencing down my left leg was becoming increasingly worse and constant. I had assumed that this pain was related to some sciatic nerve issues. By this time, I had stopped all forms of exercise and was increasingly concerned about potential long-term systemic disorder.

    I was recommended to Dr. Sadlon by my sister.  Dr. Sadlon took time to understand me. He recommended a progressive holistic approach that involved a combination of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, enzymes, cleanse and nutrition.  In the course of going through the treatment, Dr. Sadlon also suggested a 24-hour urine test that would help identify foods that would work best for me rather than relying on synthetic drugs the rest of my life to suppress stomach acid.  Dr. Sadlon recommended that it would be best to identify and resolve the root cause versus just treating the symptoms via synthetic drugs. I stopped taking lansoprazole immediately. Dr. Sadlon’s idea behind the nutrition program was to find foods that gave me energy and did not stress out my system.

    Net-net was that after a few treatments of acupuncture and chiropractic along with adopting the new nutritional recommendations, I felt exponentially better and had lost 15 pounds very quickly without ever feeling hungry or even trying. It turns out the foods on his nutritional program gave me the most energy and never left me feeling hungry. Now after a few months of seeing Dr. Sadlon, I feel better than I have in years and I am back to full exercise including 6-to-8 mile jogs every other day.

    In a separate accident-related incident, I ended up slightly dislocating my hip getting off my roof. I went back in to see Dr. Sadlon after walking around for four days in extreme pain. Dr. Sadlon identified the pain points. Dr. Sadlon recommended a modified version of acupuncture which included some electronic stimulus followed by a chiropractic session.  I was shocked at how quickly I went from extreme pain to feeling like nothing happened.

    I would recommend Dr. Sadlon to anyone that wants to take a holistic approach to a better lifestyle. Each visit Dr. Sadlon has me go through a series of simple observations. Each time I would inform Dr. Sadlon of where I was still feeling stress. Dr. Sadlon recommended a series of treatments and informed me that I would feel incredibly better after completing the short program. He was absolutely right! I haven’t felt this good in years. And I can tell that his treatments and nutritional program are yielding sustainable success.

    Thank you Dr. Sadlon

    Larry Foster
    Fairport NY

  • Christine Marsh

    Christine Marsh

    One of the Best!

    Dr. Sadlon is one of the best providers of all around health that I know of. I am very thankful to know him. His vast array of knowledge helps him to look at the root of things. He skillfully helped me get through a few health challenges at different times over the years, and I would recommend him always. He cares about you becoming fully healthy and can see things that a lot of other practitioners can't. If you have any questions feel free to write me. Thank You! 🙂

  • Elaine Lennox

    Elaine Lennox

    Skilled Chiropractor

    Dr. Sadlon is a skilled chiropractor, acupuncturist and herbalist. His years of knowledge combined with multiple skill sets makes him a great choice for keeping healthy and taking care of issues that arise as we grow older (and stiffer)! As a fellow practitioner in the field of body work, I highly recommend him.

  • Elizabeth Dreyer

    Excellent Chiropractor

    I highly recommend Dr. Sadlon both as an excellent chiropractor and as a very knowledgeable and caring nutritionist. I have found him to be "on target" in his diagnoses and treatment. He has been very helpful to me and to a number of my family and friends over the course of several years.

  • Paula Chapman

    Paula Chapman

    Rochester Chiropractor

    Dr. Sadlon has a tremendous knowledge about holistic wellness. He has been very helpful to me in treating digestive issues, as well as general chiropractic health. I highly recommend him!

  • Timothy Kent

    Timothy Kent

    Chiropractic Health

    I began seeing Dr. Sadlon for treatment of a stubborn and extremely painful spot in between my shoulder blades, in the spring of 2007. I had seen several different chiropractors for treatment of this issue, but Dr. Sadlon was the first to be able to peel back the onion and make me feel infinitely better in a very short period of time. Through a combination of chiropractic, nutrition, enzyme treatment and acupuncture he has completely mitigated this stress area. In addition, as an aging athlete who still thinks he's in his 20's, I depend on Dr. Sadlon to keep my body healthy and strong to stand up to the rigors of strength training, long distance running and cycling. Since becoming a patient I can undoubtedly say he has increased my health, comfort and expanded my abilities all without breaking the bank. Dr. Sadlon looks at your situation from all angles to give you a macro view on your overall health, with a micro treatment plan, and not just treatment of an individual injury. I highly recommend his services for acute and long term pain, injury or just improvement of your overall health and comfort.

  • Acupuncture Success

    Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture
    “What is acupuncture? To us it was a miracle waiting to happen, with Dr. Steven Sadlon of Chiro Health & Acupuncture, Penfield, NY.
    My husband had been suffering with “creepie crawlies”, as he calls them, from RLS (restless leg syndrome), for years. Some nights, final relief arrived at 6:00 a.m….sleep was impossible for both of us. He would walk the floor steadily because lying down or sitting would start them again. He also had acid reflux so badly that a bottle of pink bismuth and a bottle of antacid tablets a week, was normal for him.
    After shoulder surgery, he had been unable to raise his arm over his head to comb his hair, nor reach for his coffee cup in the console for two years. We had tried absolutely everything to relieve the Restless Leg Syndrome creepy feeling. He needed relief fast. We decided to try Acupuncture as a last resort. This was the best phone call that we have ever taken the time to make.
    Dr. Sadlon of Chiro Health & Acupuncture, on Willow Pond Way recognized our urgency and was able to see him very quickly. His expertise, professionalism, understanding, and caring not only cured his Restless Leg Syndrome, but also his acid reflux and his shoulder’s “frozen” position! After just a few visits, this man finally had relief from all 3…A miracle for sure, and just in time!
    Two weeks after his last acupuncture visit with Dr. Sadlon, hubby was diagnosed with cancer in both lungs. We are positive that Dr. Sadlon was heaven sent. Without him, my husband would not have had the strength to get through what he is going through, and with what still lies ahead. He is able to lie on the tables for all of the scans, x-rays, radiation, etc. , and is able to put his arms over his head in the positions that are required for the variety of tests. Without Dr. Sadlon, this man would never have been able to endure any of this.
    We thank you, Dr. Sadlon, for being the one to put my husband on the path that lies ahead, with no pain, no discomfort, and a lot of hope. You are truly heaven sent!”
    E. M. Ontario, NY
  • Years of Satisfaction

    Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture
    “Dr Sadlon has been my chiropractor since September 2002 and I couldn’t have had better attention paid to my issues which have been many over the years.  Most recently I was stricken with vertigo and was told by my PCP as well as others that there was no cure and I just had to learn to live with it.  I went to Dr. Sadlon as a last resort and he told me that it could be healed.  It took him two months but I am now free of vertigo and it will only come back if I don’t watch my steps so that I don’t fall again and hit my head.  I consider Dr. Sadlon “my hero” after all these years of healing me when others gave up!”
    - Jane M.
  • Thank You

    Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture
    “Dr. Sadlon;
    Thank you for taking the extra time yesterday to help me get my health back following anesthesia and surgery. I feel so much better today; the anxiousness has left, no longer jittery, am able to concentrate enough to read, and have more clarity of mind. What a Godsend you have been to us and we appreciate your depth of caring.
  • Hands of Gold

    Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture
    “Dr. Steven Sadlon truly has hands of Gold. He has kept my back pain at bay for some time now. Before, I used to experience uncontrollable pain when it was at its worse. Now, with Dr. Sadlon’s treatment, I enjoy the luxury of a stress and pain free lifestyle. Great doctor! Very helpful and concerned about the health and well-being of his patients. You owe it to yourself to make an appointment today.”
    - Rev. Mike Hicks