Photon Genie Rochester NY

Are you looking to improve your total body health?

A new technological breakthrough called the Photon Genie can restore your body’s natural balance. It uses photon technology to send electronic signals through your entire system. This stimulates and revitalizes every cell, returning them to their natural harmony. The Photon Genie promotes health and healing by restoring your body’s internal balance.

Because the human body works together as a system, if one part of the body is out of order, your overall health will suffer. Many of these systems are controlled by a series of electrical impulses in the body. When these signals misfire, your wellbeing suffers. The Photon Genie resets these impulses to their proper working order.

What is the Photon Genie?

The Photon Genie is the result of years of research in the field of restorative electronics. For decades, scientists have known about the healing possibilities of energy waves. Only recently have scientific advancements made these possibilities a reality for the average American. Based on Rife technology, which carries frequencies to the body, the Photon Genie revitalizes the system.

The Photon Genie delivers electrical waves to the body in a new, safe, and effective way. Argon and Neon, harmless gasses, are put into a glass tube in the machine. The Photon Genie then charges this gas mixture with ions, electrifying it. The energy in the ionized gas is then safely applied to the skin, sending an electrical signal through the patient’s body.

How does the Photon Genie Work?

The human body naturally produces electrical energy, which powers our cells and allows them to function in specific ways. These electrical impulses are crucial to the work of each cell in our bodies. By using electronic therapy, your physician can ensure that your electrical system is working properly. This means your cells can do their jobs better, keeping you well. Returning the body’s electrical energy to its ideal balance means an improvement in total body health.

In addition to its cellular healing power, the Photon Genie has powerful effects on the brain. The brain is filled with electrical impulses that drive every function of the body. This makes the brain particularly important to overall wellness. Because the brain is so electrical, the effects of Photon Genie on brain function are remarkable. With treatment, patients show improvement in both mental and physical health.

Like individual cells and the brain, the nervous system is also powered by a series of electrical signals produced within our bodies. The nervous system controls movement as well as feelings and sensations. Disruptions in these electrical signals can lead to pain, discomfort, and immobility. By repairing these natural electrical signals, the Photon Genie can improve quality of life.

How can the Photon Genie help me feel better?

By sending charged ions through your body, the Photon Genie improves your health in many ways:

Enhanced Bioharmony:

The Photon Genie returns your body to its natural state of harmony. The Photon Genie’s vibrations cause every cell to reset to their ideal frequencies. The impulses retune your body to its best working order. Your entire body returns to its organic balance. This form of integrative health can recharge you.

Reduced Pathogens:

The Photon Genie attacks harmful pathogens. Pathogens are the agents in the body that cause disease, infection, and illness. The Photon Genie destroys these, including yeast, fungus, mold, viruses, bacteria, and parasites. As the electric pulse travels through the body, it disrupts the ability of these to function. With the Photon Genie, cells work better and harmful organisms weaken. This means slower infections and a reversal of the processes that lead to disease.

Faster Healing:

The Photon Genie will also break up blockages in your system. The Photon Genie’s electronic waves remove mineral deposits that build up over time. Its revitalizing effects on cells and molecules helps your body’s natural defenses. This makes it easier for your immune system to fight lumps and clots. Barrier tissue and other unwanted build-up is broken down by the electronic vibrations. This improves general health, reduces pain from injuries, and prevents illness.

Improved Mental Health:

Electronic therapy can improve patients’ feelings of well-being, relaxation, and clarity. One way it does this by improving total body health. But it also has specific effects on the brain itself. It changes the brain’s electrical patterns, returning them to their natural balance. Besides improved feelings of well-being, Photon Genie users report increased mental sharpness.

Hormonal Therapy:

The Photon Genie balances the hormones in the body, which can improve the quality of life for women. This is a part of the practice of integrative health. By returning your hormonal system to its ideal state, the Photon Genie can reduce the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). These symptoms include pain due to cramping, irritability, bloating, depression, and even migraine. Also, the symptoms of menopause improve with better hormonal balance. Symptoms like hot flashes and mood changes are eased.

Freer Lymph Movement:

The lymphatic system moves things through your body. It helps move the blood in and out of the heart, delivers food and oxygen to your cells and tissue, and moves and manages waste. It removes toxins and helps the immune system keep you healthy. The Photon Genie stimulates more than 600 lymph nodes in the body. This keeps fluids flowing through your body as efficiently as possible. This can prevent future illnesses related to the lymphatic system and improve healing.

Where do I get Photon Genie treatment?

Dr. Steven T. Sadlon is the premier provider of integrative health, including Photon Genie therapy, in the Rochester area. It is part of a full array of holistic healing options offered by Dr. Sadlon. Regular Photon Genie therapy improves total body health and overall wellbeing.

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