Our acupuncture and chiropractic clients tend to come from Penfield, Fairport, Pittsford, Brighton, Webster and Victor – but really, they come from all over the greater Rochester area.  And, they love us!  Here is what some have shared:

“Dr. Steven Sadlon truly has hands of Gold. He has kept my back pain at bay for some time now. Before, I used to experience uncontrollable pain when it was at its worse. Now, with Dr. Sadlon’s treatment, I enjoy the luxury of a stress and pain free lifestyle. Great doctor! Very helpful and concerned about the health and well-being of his patients. You owe it to yourself to make an appointment today.”
– Rev. Mike Hicks

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“Dr. Sadlon;
Thank you for taking the extra time yesterday to help me get my health back following anesthesia and surgery. I feel so much better today; the anxiousness has left, no longer jittery, am able to concentrate enough to read, and have more clarity of mind. What a Godsend you have been to us and we appreciate your depth of caring.

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“Dr Sadlon has been my chiropractor since September 2002 and I couldn’t have had better attention paid to my issues which have been many over the years.  Most recently I was stricken with vertigo and was told by my PCP as well as others that there was no cure and I just had to learn to live with it.  I went to Dr. Sadlon as a last resort and he told me that it could be healed.  It took him two months but I am now free of vertigo and it will only come back if I don’t watch my steps so that I don’t fall again and hit my head.  I consider Dr. Sadlon “my hero” after all these years of healing me when others gave up!”
– Jane M.

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“What is acupuncture? To us it was a miracle waiting to happen, with Dr. Steven Sadlon of Chiro Health & Acupuncture, Penfield, NY.
My husband had been suffering with “creepie crawlies”, as he calls them, from RLS (restless leg syndrome), for years. Some nights, final relief arrived at 6:00 a.m….sleep was impossible for both of us. He would walk the floor steadily because lying down or sitting would start them again. He also had acid reflux so badly that a bottle of pink bismuth and a bottle of antacid tablets a week, was normal for him.
After shoulder surgery, he had been unable to raise his arm over his head to comb his hair, nor reach for his coffee cup in the console for two years. We had tried absolutely everything to relieve the Restless Leg Syndrome creepy feeling. He needed relief fast. We decided to try Acupuncture as a last resort. This was the best phone call that we have ever taken the time to make.
Dr. Sadlon of Chiro Health & Acupuncture, on Willow Pond Way recognized our urgency and was able to see him very quickly. His expertise, professionalism, understanding, and caring not only cured his Restless Leg Syndrome, but also his acid reflux and his shoulder’s “frozen” position! After just a few visits, this man finally had relief from all 3…A miracle for sure, and just in time!
Two weeks after his last acupuncture visit with Dr. Sadlon, hubby was diagnosed with cancer in both lungs. We are positive that Dr. Sadlon was heaven sent. Without him, my husband would not have had the strength to get through what he is going through, and with what still lies ahead. He is able to lie on the tables for all of the scans, x-rays, radiation, etc. , and is able to put his arms over his head in the positions that are required for the variety of tests. Without Dr. Sadlon, this man would never have been able to endure any of this.
We thank you, Dr. Sadlon, for being the one to put my husband on the path that lies ahead, with no pain, no discomfort, and a lot of hope. You are truly heaven sent!”
Sincerely, E. M. Ontario, NY

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