Oriental Medicine and Chinese Herbology

What is Oriental Medicine?

Oriental MedicineOriental Medicine is a separate science outside the realm of standard western medicine. It’s roots go back thousands of years. There are no pharmacological drugs and treatment relies primarily on acupuncture and the use of herbs. It can treat both acute and chronic conditions. It is founded on the principal of the body’s Qi. This is the energy or life force which help regulates the body’s function and restore balance to the body.  Recent research through the National Institute of Health validates it’s effectiveness when matched with control groups. Modern acupuncture is practiced much in the same way as thousands of years ago. The education requires at least a three-year degree and candidates must pass a national licensing exam.

What are the Benefits of Chinese Herbology?

Chinese medicine emphasizes the overall regulation of the body and is used commonly to strengthen one’s overall health, stamina, and immune system.

Our treatment programs are individualized to meet each patient’s needs. Most treatments include a combination of techniques, such as Chinese herbal tonics, nutrition balancing, acupressure, acupuncture and tui na. Treatment sessions are usually one hour and involve careful discussion with the patient of diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

The benefits of Chinese Herbology often show up as an improved metabolism and can help with such as stress and fatigue. Since herbs are in a more natural state they are more easily assimilated by the process of digestion. They are regarded as co-enzymes in chemistry and consequently have the ability to do work in the body.  They can help boast the immune system and also give the endocrine system a lift. Having trouble beating a lingering cold that keeps hanging on ? Well you might consider one of the many Chinese formulas that help clear heat of phlegm from the body. They are especially beneficial in the aging process and can help with female menopause and male erectile dysfunction aka E.D.

Other Medical uses for Herbs
Other uses for Herbs are essentially unlimited. There is generally a protocol for every body system and condition. Herbs can serve as a viable alternative for those not willing to take drugs. It’s best to find a qualified practitioner for your condition and make sure you have a good quality source of herbs.  Herbs have been shown effective in balancing blood sugar, respiratory disorders and gastrointestinal issues. While it’s always good to research their effects thoroughly there are few side effects with herbs when taken properly.

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