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Chiropractor Rochester NYDr Sadlon is a Chiropractor in the Rochester NY area providing care to patients in Webster, Penfield, Fairport and the greater Rochester, NY area.  Our office is located in Penfield, NY.

If you’re wondering what chiropractic is, or what a real chiropractor does, you’re not alone.

We’re always glad to help you understand what we do and how we can help you deal with health issues that respond to chiropractic treatment with a trained Chiropractor in Rochester NY.

A doctor of chiropractic or chiropractor uses a hands-on, drug-free approach to treating neuromusculoskeletal problems – back and neck pain; pain in the joints of the arms or legs; headaches; or injuries to and disorders of the muscles, ligaments and joints. Chiropractors are trained to diagnose conditions and recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises. A chiropractor also may advise patients about diet, nutrition, healthy habits, and changes to lifestyle can help improve quality of life. The popular image of a chiropractor is someone who fixes back pain by “cracking” the spine, but there is far more to being a chiropractor than giving someone a quick fix with a twist or jerk of the back. A neck or cervical adjustment is done with great care and skill by someone trained to know exactly what to do and how to apply this technique. The treatment involves the doctor of chiropractic using his or her hands to manipulate the patient’s joints, in particular the spine, to restore or improve function and reduce pain and inflammation.

Chiropractic is a separate health science. It involves natural medicine, no drugs, surgery or artificial methods to achieve health. Chiropractic adjustments involve balancing the nervous system. It’s similar to Chinese medicine whose foundation is based on Ying and Yang. Dating back to the 19th century chiropractors can  play an important role in natural child birth, daily health issues and in maintaining the vitality of the body. They are an important part of the health system and  integrate well with other health professionals.

Dr Sadlon - Chiropractor Rochester NY

Dr Sadlon – Chiropractor Rochester NY

Would you like a Rochester NY Chiropractor to treat your illness without drugs or surgery? Dr. Sadlon has helped hundreds of people feel better and get their lives back on track.  He utilizes a customized approach to treating each individual patient. 

Call us today at 585-586-7630 for your free consultation. All you have to lose is your pain!

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