Chiropractic For Fibromyalgia, Ask Dr. Sadlon

download Anyone who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia knows the difficulty of dealing with the general medical community.

It appears to be another disease of the modern world affecting women 3x times as much as men, but the diagnosis of fibromyalgia is vague. It’s made up by a calliope of different symptoms rather than one specific ideology. There are also few treatment protocols to address the problem other than a variety of neurological drugs and painkillers.

Too often it becomes a ‘trash can’ diagnosis for the consistent but vague pains that cannot normally be explained. Consequently, patients are frequently told they have to live with it. Also, much of the newer research regarding the nutritional deficiencies are ignored. As a result, allopathic medicine has even fewer options to offer. Yet, the general inflammation that results in the body is real and can often put the person down for some time if not treated properly.

Diet also plays a role in fibromyalgia. There is commonly a poor sugar handling at work, inadequate calcium potassium balance and exhausted adrenals that need to be addressed through a long-term treatment plan. These are all avenues covered in complementary medicine and a visit to either a chiropractor or acupuncturist can be helpful. That is part of the reason why a thorough exam is often needed to help each person individually.

Fortunately, there is relief in the form of chiropractic, which ranks among the most effective measures in a study conducted by the NIH. Typically, fibromyalgia responds well to chiropractic even in just a few treatments.

Chiropractic is a natural approach which does not employ the use of pharmacological drugs. Based on the concept of innate intelligence, chiropractic helps restore balance to the body and nervous system. This happens through the use of chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments can correct structural imbalances in the spine and allow nerves to function normally.

As a result, muscles relax as pain reduces from the trigger points associated with fibromyalgia. Often treating the upper cervical area of the spine will restore proper biomechanical function to the upper vertebrae. This can help improve sleep and often causes the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia to dissipate as the nervous system reboots itself.

Combined with other modalities such as cold laser and acupuncture, chiropractic can be an effective tool in addressing fibromyalgia. Each patient is different and length of treatment often depends on the age of the patient, how much damage has occurred and how long the person has had the condition.

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