Detox Diet

Detox Diet

Detox Diet, Detox diet has become a buzz word in recent years with the rise of consumer interest in health and nutrition. Ever since Rachel Carson first published her book ‘  Silent Spring ‘ back in 1975 the public has been concerned with environmental toxins and the poisonous items we all seem to be exposed to in daily life.

In 2012 the EPA stated that ‘heavy metals were the most serious factor affecting health in the environment.’  In addition it’s not just heavy metals someone needs to be concerned with. Herbicides, pesticides and the by products of the manufacturing process are all things which can work their way into a person’s body and be a time bomb to go off at a later date.

Heavy metals and pesticides frequently block receptors sites in the body so that hormones or the necessary trace minerals cannot dock properly in the body.  When several of these items are present in high concentrations it can lead to cancer, neurological disorders or other chronic diseases .

Most of these environmental toxins find their way into the body’s fat or are deposited in the body’s joints. A Detox Diet to address these issues can be simple or complex. It often depends on the age of the individual and the type of symptoms they are having. Often it is advisable to begin with drinking distilled water several times a day for the first two weeks. Because of it’s electronegativity the distill water will begin pulling many of these environmental hazards out of the body.

During this time the person should also focus on a diet of green leafy vegetables Through fasting and the intake of chlorophyll the body can become more alkaline in nature and more prone to help clean itself. Depending on the severity of the symptoms a person may want to seek out a trained medical practitioner before beginning a Detox Diet.

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