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Gluten free, celiac disease

Acupuncture for Celiac Disease

  Acupuncture for celiac Disease Acupuncture for celiac Disease, celiac is an autoimmune disease that affects the villi of the small intestine and interferes with the absorption of food. It’s starts as a sensitivity to carbohydrates and notably gluten which is found in breads and most baked products. When gluten is eaten it can produce an inflammatory process

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Acupuncture for hypertension

Acupuncture for hypertension Acupuncture for hypertension may be seen as a treatment of last resort for some but in actuality it is quite effective with lasting benefits. Hypertension is common in western society affecting one out six adults with the traditional treatment being the prescription of a beta blocker or diuretic . Sometimes these don’t

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allergies. Sinis Trouble, Acupuncture

Acupuncture for sinus trouble

Acupuncture for sinus trouble Acupuncture for sinus trouble, The approach for using Acupuncture for sinus trouble is somewhat different when compared to allopathic medicine. In western medicine sinusitis is generally seen as a result of a bacterial / viral infection or possibly an allergic reaction. Medical treatment is usually straight  forward with the prescription of a

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Acupuncture Insomnia

Acupuncture Insomnia Acupuncture Insomnia,  Insomnia is a common disorder in western industrialized societies particularly among the aged. It is frequently is divided into two clinical patterns; ‘ Initial insomnia ‘  is difficulty in falling asleep and can be associated with an emotional disturbance or  being too reeved up and ‘ Early Morning Wakening ‘ in which the patient falls asleep

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Acupuncture treat

Acupuncture for Gastroenteritis

Acupuncture for Gastroenteritis Acupuncture for Gastroenteritis, Gastroenteritis is generally defines as inflammation of the stomach and intestinal tract. This can be caused by a number of factors such as diet, bacteria / virus, parasite or other toxic substance. Each category will manifest differently depending on the nature and dose of the irritant. The abdomen may also be

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