Bone health can benefit from Chinese medicine      

With millions of people facing the prospect or reality of osteoporosis and related problems with bone health as they age, it’s vital to take steps to protect the strength of your bones. That’s where traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, can help.

Osteoporosis is an aging-related condition that leads to fragile, brittle bones, making it more likely that someone will fall and fracture hips, arms or legs. Treatment by acupuncture. The doctor uses needles for treatment of the patient.

Acupuncturists can identify people at risk of such bone disease, and natural herbal formulas that are central to traditional Chinese medicine can be invaluable in treating this condition. The combination of the two approaches can give the body a positive environment and help maximize better bone health.

While Chinese culture emphasizes good nutrition and daily exercise as essential to good bone health and preventing bone loss, herbal medicines are also helpful in building stronger bones. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture both focus on improving qi – the flow of vital energy circulating within the body through pathways called meridians. Like a river carrying life-giving water to land, people and plants, meridians transport qi as nourishment to cells, tissue, muscles, organs and glands, including the tissue at the ends of bones where new growth can occur.

Because poor blood flow contributes to bone disease, re-establishing qi through acupuncture and herbal medicine are well worth considering as both prevention and treatment. At Chiropractic Health & Acupuncture (Rochester, NY), we can help you keep your bones healthy or cope with pain and fragility from osteoporosis through acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Dr. Steve Sadlon of Chiropractic Health & Acupuncture is trained in these effective alternative medicine approaches. Consider letting Chiropractic Health & Acupuncture use acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help you protect and improve the health of your bones.

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