Treating Colds & Flu with Acupuncture

Acupuncture Cold And Flu TreatmentThe next time a bad cold or flu hits you might try acupuncture as an alternative to traditional cold remedies. Strange as it sounds Acupuncture in Rochester NY has a long history of being effective against a bad cold bug and its down time. Although its treatment may seem odd at first often the ‘proof is in the pudding.’  Fortunately, it has also shown to be an effective alternative for those who don’t wish to use conventional medicine for whatever reason.  Essentially, Acupuncture in Rochester NY  will address the common symptoms of a cold such as fever, sore throat, stuffy nose and the usual body ache.

So how does Acupuncture in Rochester NY work for a cold bug anyway? Based on the principals of Oriental medicine an acupuncturist would place a series of small needles at key points along the surface of the skin to help activate the body’s immune system and balance the body’s energy or ‘Qi ‘.  Typically up to 15 needles would be used and an acupuncture treatment generally lasts 45 minutes to a hour. The first step in the process is to identify what pattern the patient falls into, the two most common being a wind-chill or wind-heat type. Often this is done through the diagnosing process of Oriental medicine which examines the patient’s tongue and radial pulse. Depending on the pattern the placement of the needles could be different as the focus of any herbal formulas. However, in either case the purpose is to activate the body’s Wei or defensive Qi in driving out the environmental evil. Usually many of the added treatment strategies are the same as in western medicine such as: stay warm, drink your fluids and use the time to rest and recover.

acupunctureAcupuncture in Rochester NY has the added advantage in that cupping is often used along the upper back to relieve achy muscles and break up congestion. This is a treatment technique where glass cups are placed on the skin. The process produces a vacuum effect which helps to move lymph and blood through the area allowing the immune system to better go after the infection. Although cupping never caught on in the United States it is a common practice in many countries such as in the Far East.

In addition to acupuncture in Rochester NY, there is much available in the way of herbal formulas that can also help. Such herbs as Astragalus and American Ginseng are quite effective for colds and can easily be obtained at any herbal store. When combined with acupuncture the usual course of time for a cold to run it’s course can be cut at least in half.

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