Treating menopausal symptoms with acupuncture

Suffering from menopausal symptoms?  How about Acupuncture.  In China treating menopausal symptoms with acupuncture is a common occurrence. The basis behind acupuncture is to bring balance to the body through diet, exercise and stress reduction. When acupuncture is employed tiny needles are inserted along specific areas of the body to stimulate the body’s energy or ” Qi ” to remove blockages and redirect the energy flow.  Typically these treatments are aimed at supporting the kidneys, liver and spleen to help shift the body’s energy.  These treatments take about an hour. Needles are frequently used on the legs, arms and abdomen to balance and  support these deficiencies’. Chinese medicine is different than western medicine in that no drugs are used and it relies on ancient principals of yin and yang to help encourage the body to produces hormones. Diet also plays an important role as most acupuncturists would also recommend a diet high in protein and fats particularly if an individual was having menopausal symptoms while under a heavy stress load. Fats or lipids are the building blocks of hormones and the body needs these to maintain homeostasis. Frequently herbal remedies are also employed to augment the treatment. Such classical formulas such as Liu Wei Di Huang Wan are high in the Chinese herb rehmannia root and are useful in controlling hot flashes and night sweats. These are sold as over the counter formulas in most herb stores or found on the internet. The presence of stress also plays an important role in the hormone cycle of both men and women. Many practitioners will also recommend prayer or meditation to help calm the mind and reduce blood pressure. At Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture our staff has been treating menopausal symptoms with acupuncture since 1893. Located in Penfield the office serves, Fairport, Webster and the greater Rochester NY area. Major insurances are accepted.