Treating Sinus Conditions with Acupuncture

acupuncture for sinus congestionAnyone who has lived here for any length of time will probably tell you that Rochester NY is one of the sinus capitals of the United States. The weather conditions along with the pollinations of the open fields and parks make this a prime spot for allergies and sinus infections. To make matters worse many of the traditional medical treatments are costly and ineffective. So if you’re tired of the stuffy clogged sinuses which never seem to clear trying Acupuncture in Rochester NY may be a welcomed alternative.

In the science of Acupuncture there are numerous energy channels on the face which circle around the eyes and sinus cavities. Known as meridians, they comprise the blood vessels, lymph and neurological pathways which make up the body’s physical structures. It is these channels which help maintain the body’s homeostasis in Oriental medicine and providing the mapping where the acupuncture needles are placed. By balancing the body’s energy or Qi this allows the sinuses to drain and reduce inflammation in the membranes.

With Acupuncture in Rochester NY a practitioner would first determine what pattern the patient falls into. This is done by diagnosing the quality of the person’s radial pulse and also by making observations about the nature of the tongue. In Oriental medicine the tongue becomes an important part of the diagnoses and such features as the tongue’s shape, color and coating can all specify the treatment plan and where the needles are placed.

Typically a treatment session with Acupuncture in Rochester NY will last about a hour and anywhere between 10-20 needles would be used. Regarded as safe and painless most treatment plans to treat sinus conditions run between 6-10 sessions. Small needles are placed under the skin which follow the selected meridians and this process allows a physiological shift to occur that allows the sinuses to open up and drain.

As part of the treatment with Acupuncture in Rochester NY a practitioner might also recommend an herbal formula to help the treatment along particular if it’s long standing chronic condition. Such Chinese formulas as Cang Er Zi Jia Jian  or Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang may sound strange or exotic but these easily obtained on-line or from most herbal store. For further information on Acupuncture and sinus conditions be sure to check out the video below to see how it works.

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