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Digestive Enzyme Supplements: When & How Many?

Once you have concluded that you might benefit from taking enzyme supplements, you might have questions about how much and when to take them. Every person is different, so how the body might react to enzyme supplements will vary. Each person might have to just play around with doses to see what works best (that’s the key to detox Rochester NY).

However, the time you take them can be the same for most people. It is usually a good idea to take enzyme supplements with meals. Taking them with small snacks really isn’t needed. Most people find the relief they need with just one or two with a meal.

When you do decide on a dose to try, you should give it a few days to work. If you still don’t feel better, you can increase the dose and see if it makes the symptoms better. It really can be a trial and error type of scenario depending on the level of digestive problems you have.

When you visit our detox Rochester NY specialists at Chiropractic Health, Acupuncture and Diagnostic Services, we can help you figure out the best way to approach your digestive enzyme problems.

Have you tried other methods of fixing your digestive problems besides enzyme supplements?