Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology

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Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology, While Applied Kinesiology can be used as a treatment and diagnostic technique across different disciplines it is perhaps best associated with the Chiropractic profession due to the work of George Goodheart D.C. It was  Goodheart’s early work into posture analysis which help developed some of the key concepts of muscle spindle work with spasms and the muscle test itself which provides feedback to the practitioner in trying to implement a treatment plan. These concepts became important as it was through the unraveling of the postural problems that provided guidlines into the patient’s health issues. It is also the postural exam then which is key to the treatment process and whether a patient has a chiropractor who knows what they’re doing or not by how it is conducted. Applied Kinesiology is based on the fact that the body never lies. Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology also incorporates a number of other modalities that are uncommon in other musculoskeletal professions. These include craniosacral work, neurolympathic and neurovascular points, nutrition, the acupuncture meridian system and organ stress points. These tools allow treatment across a broad spectrum of functional health problems such as fibromyalgia and digestive disorders like constipation. Applied Kinesiology can help discover the reason for functional disturbances and suggests a direction for corrective therapy especially when combined with lab findings. Having grown over the years Applied Kinesiology is the topic of lectures at leading dental schools and has brought it’s holistic concepts to health professionals of many different disciplines. The accreditation body is known as the ICAK. It has members in all 50 states and at least 47 countries worldwide. The staff at Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture are trained in the use of Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology. We offer a free consultation and have been serving the greater Rochester NY area since 1983.