Fairport NY Chiropractor

Fairport NY Chiropractor, Fairport NY Chiropractor and Chiropractic Offices have been serving the community for the last 50 years. A complimentary form of medicine chiropractic care interfaces well with traditional allopathic medicine and many referrals are made from the primary care provider to chiropractic offices. While many people seek chiropractic treatments for a specific aliment it is also a system for correcting imbalances in the body’s functional and structural system. Many patients in our practice may seek chiropractic services for an acute slip and fall condition but it is not unusual that they soon report positive global changes in their sleep, improved digestion and better relaxation. I often hear reports of patients who feel more awake, improved focus and a sharper memory. This is part of the reason many serious athletics seek out a Fairport NY chiropractor for that winning edge. In a study by Lauro on the effects of chiropractic on athletic ability, it was discovered that many athletes are in tune with their body and realize when they need chiropractic intervention. It is often common that as part of the healing process some patients may experience a cleansing or reactivation of an old injury. This is part of the normal process of the body returning itself to health.  As a Fairport NY Chiropractor our office offers a free consultation for you and your family health conditions. Most major insurances are accepted. Call today to get yourself back on the road to health and well being.