The Zen Of A Chiropractic Adjustment

An accepting attitude and relaxed patients make for a more efficient chiropractic treatment session. Being relaxed always results in a better therapeutic outcome for the patient. It may sound simplistic, but the more the patient can relax, the better the doctor can relate to the patient and anticipate the treatment session ahead. Having been both a Chiropractor and a patient, I can speak from experience.

As a doctor, I view each patient as a distinct opportunity to improve my adjusting technique. The goal is always to produce a positive outcome. A fearful patient, or worse an angry one, complicates the clinical decisions. Things like deciding which bones to adjust and in what order.

Suppose a patient is in acute neck pain following a car accident.

Based on the patient’s age, medical history, X-rays and orthopedic exam, a chiropractor decides on how to proceed with the case. We have to consider should the patient be treated more frequently to get back to work sooner, but have more short-term pain. Or do we plan a longer treatment program, which is less painful, but could result in loss of range of motion in the neck over a couple of months.

The decision is based on a number of issues:

Is the rehabilitation possible and likely to work?
Is the patient willing to relax for a couple of days while the ligaments heal?
Does the patient understand the concept of chiropractic?
Are they willing to commit to a series of treatments?
Another huge variable is motion. That is, how the patient presents themselves in the treatment room actually affects how the doctor makes his clinical decision.

Friendly Atmosphere

If the patient is upset or unfriendly or the accompanying spouse attending to them is, then the doctor pulls back into a comfort area of doing what is most likely to work. Instead of focusing on what could have been a more unique and effective approach.

However, if both parties appear calm, display trust and confidence, and speak with honesty, the experience and outcome are likely to turn out positive. I often tell my own patients that “I can fix almost any short term problem as long as you feel centered and we both have the same reality.”

So the next time you find yourself heading into a chiropractor’s office, relax, and infuse the room around you with God’s presence. The whole office will bestow their best professional skills upon you.