Can Holistic Medicine in Rochester NY Help Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Using Chinese Herbs?

Hashimotos ThyroidHashimoto’s Thyroiditis is a variation of an autoimmune disease that can eventually lead to hypothyroidism.  Holistic medicine in Rochester NY utilizing Chinese herbs offers an alternative to traditional medicine.  Most commonly it is seen in middle age women. It often comes on as a result of other endocrine disorders such as diabetes mellitus and Addisons’s disease. Since its more of a syndrome with different pieces to the puzzle there is often frustration in treating it. If a case of thyroiditis is acute, corticosteroids may be used in the short term to get the inflammation and facial swelling under control. Otherwise long term thyroid replacement therapy is the usual course of action.  Consequently patients often find themselves seeking treatment from alternative practitioners or other holistic medicine doctors in Rochester NY for a more comprehensive treatment approach.

The western  medical model in identifying Hashimoto’s is based primarily on laboratory panels such as TSH, T-3 and T-4. Often in a suspected patient thyroid antibodies are present such as a microsomal and anti thyroglobulin antibody. However, because the onset is slow and its symptoms may mirror other conditions Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is often not detected. For one thing thyroid problems are frequently secondary to an adrenal issue. Additionally the normal ranges for proper thyroid function on test panels are so broad the validity of the diagnosis is difficult to pin down and practitioners frequently have to rely the patient’s subjective reports as the primary focus. If the thyroid is not enlarged and blood values are normal allopathic treatments may only involve regular monitoring and checkups which do nothing to correct the patient’s symptoms.

Holistic Medicine Rochester NYBy contrast holistic medicine Rochester NY doctors may take a different approach involving herbs. In the science of Oriental medicine goiter is categorized as ying liu and ying qi . The disease may be caused by genetic endowment insufficiency, unregulated eating / drinking or inappropriate rest / activity patterns. Chinese herbs work well for these conditions but each patient is seen uniquely different. Herbal formulas are frequently custom made based on a patient’s signs and symptoms but also age and constitutional makeup. Such formulas as Jia Wei Shen QI Wan will help fortify the spleen and boast the qi ( energy ), supplement the kidneys and invigorate the yang. Other formulas like Bu Zhong Yi QI Tang will help the adrenals and aid in digestion. However due to the nature of the herbs and their mineral content they frequently can have a positive effect on the thyroid.

Often practitioners of holistic medicine Rochester NY can be a complementary addition to western medicine treatment plans. Herbs actually are contained in at least 30% of pharmacological formulas and insurance companies in many states will reimburse patients for herbal formula regarding their miscible use.

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