Is your Body out of Balance?

The tendency of a system, especially the physiological system of higher animals, is to maintain internal stability.

All of the body’s systems work together to maintain balance in the body, but various systems have specific roles. Two of the most important systems for maintaining homeostasis are the nervous and endocrine systems.

The human body fends off many challenges to its maintenance of balance. A diet that lacks the right nutrients in the right amounts will induce the body to compensate or become sick. Exposure to drugs, alcohol and other toxins kick the excretory functions into high gear, lest these substances accumulate and damage the body’s cells. Stress and depression can challenge the respiratory, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, and thereby weaken their respective abilities to maintain homeostasis. And insufficient sleep can work all of the body’s systems too hard, impairing the body’s balance. So, while the human body is an amazing entity with exquisite abilities to counterbalance insults, healthy lifestylesand choices can go a long way to help.

The root cause of many of our health complaints can be attributable to the following:

Imbalance of the Nervous System
Hormonal/Metabolic imbalances
Digestive difficulties
These three underlying issues can easily manifest and grow into more complicated problems, such as degenerative and autoimmune diseases. This is why restoring normal function to our digestive system and hormonal system and balancing our blood sugar are critical. If our blood sugar is out of balance, how can we expect to overcome cravings, low blood sugar, and diabetes? If our hormones are out of balance, how do we expect to have energy, keep the weight off, and think clearly? And if our digestion is messed up, how can we strengthen our bodies?

In my practice, I see many patients who suffer because their bodies are out of balance. By taking a complete history, and analysis of laboratory findings, we can put them on a plan to bring back harmony and balance to their bodies. Call today for your free consultation. 585-586-7670