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back surgery in Rochester, NY

How To Avoid Back Surgery

Well you finally did it this time. Rushing around the yard before the rain comes and you lifted the wrong thing in an OMG moment ..oops! Now your back is in knots and you’re wondering if chiropractic care or surgery is the right answer. ¬† Fear not, as long as you don’t have pain radiating

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Are Diet Soft Drinks Safe To Drink ?

Are Diet Soft Drinks Safe To Drink? It’s surprising¬†how often the subject of diet drinks comes up during health consults. What’s so bad about diet soda? It’s been around for years. Plus, we’re frequently bombarded with it in advertising on a daily basis. So hey, what could go wrong…right? Wrong. Did you know the primary

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how to run with chiropractic care

How To Run Safely With Chiropractic Care

Running is an excellent workout. It makes for a great cardio vascular workout and is among the most efficient ways to lose weight. However, I often hear concerns that running will damage the body and put added stress on the back. This is simply not true provided some simple chiropractic care guidelines are followed. In

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