Acupuncture and Dentistry Pain

Can acupuncture really reduce dentistry pain??

Acupuncture to reduce dentistry pain may seem a little far fetched but it can be a viable option for those who have trouble with opiates or other pain suppressing medications. Fortunately dentistry has come a long way from our grandparents era but there are still treatment procedures like periodontal surgeries which can tax the patient’s pain threshold regardless of what conventional meds they may be taking. As an option, acupuncture is both effective and safe as patients often turn to acupuncture after a dental visit if their pain persists. The theory behind acupuncture involves the meridian pathways which are similar to some aspects to the peripheral nervous system. Small needles are inserted along the meridian at fixed locations in the face and upper body to relieve pain. This process helps the body to release endorphins and also helps clears trigger points in the muscles. Many of the meridians run up along side the neck and jaw.  Consequently acupuncture becomes a ready made solution in reducing dentistry pain. Acupuncture also complements well with conventional medicine and frequently can be an added piece in helping a patient recover not only from dentistry pain but chronic pain from other issues. In China more surgeries are often performed with acupuncture being the only source of pain control. At Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture we have been serving the Rochester NY community since 1983. Located in Penfield the office also serves the towns of Fairport, Webster and Pittsford NY. Call today for a free consultation. To learn more visit us on the web at