Can Applied Kinesiology help with Hypertension?

Applied Kinesiology and Hypertension, how can it help you. Anyone who has been through the frustration of dealing with hypertension can appreciate the value of trying a new approach. There are eleven organs involved in regulating blood pressure so getting hypertension under control is not always as easy as it sounds, particularly when it’s secondary hypertension due to a host of issues such as renal, endocrine or neurological disorders. The allopathic model is usually a hit and miss approach using pharmacological drugs until your doctor finally gets it right. These can cause side effects and sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. Missing from the equation all too often is life style medications and diet programs that focus on nutritional deficiencies to address the issues. There are a number of ways Applied Kinesiology can help with Hypertension such as structural corrections to the spine. Proper sleep, sodium restrictions, exercise and nutritional support for the adrenals can all play a role as well. The importance of unsaturated fatty acids should also not be overlooked as this can affect prostaglandin production and have effects on the renin / angiotensin system. Applied Kinesiology can also help with Hypertension through the use of cranial / sacral work which is designed to remove misalignment of the skull bones and improve circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid. Applied Kinesiology also incorporates the use of acupuncture points such as Pericardium 6. Located on the wrist this point is part of a important protocol in Chinese Medicine in reducing hypertension. Your Applied Kinesiology practitioner can help develop a program for you that right for your needs and health history. Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture has been serving the Rochester community since 1983. Located in Penfield the office serves Fairport Webster and the Pittsford communities. Call today for a free evaluation and put yourself back on the road to health.