Can Acupuncture Help Bladder Incontinence?

incontinenceAnyone who is plagued by bladder incontinence knows too well the logistical problems of going to a social event and having to factor in the bathroom breaks. Needless to say the thought of a simple sneeze can put someone into panic mode, unless they’re wearing an adult diaper or some other absorbent material to soak up the moisture. Although considered to be a symptom of aging, it is more common than one would think and the problem is gender blind in the older population. Fortunately, there are things to do about it utilizing a natural approach. Within the context of Chinese medicine Acupuncture Rochester NY has specific treatment strategies that can help. In acupuncture such problems are often seen as a QI deficiency pattern. Translated into western terms the problem is brought about due to some kind of stress on the body’s urinary system whether it’s emotional, structural or chemical. When treatment involving Acupuncture Rochester NY are employed a specific treatment plan is developed based on the patient needs. This takes into account the patient’s health history and also looks at the nutritional intake. Nutrition is also an important part of the process as certain foods and herbs are needed by the urinary system for proper maintenance and repair.  Often it can be easy as increasing the patient’s protein levels to aid in tissue repair.

acupuncture-needlesIn treating bladder incontinence Acupuncture Rochester NY the mechanism is often seen as an input into the nervous system. There are acupuncture points in the lower back which overlap the parasympathetic nerves in the sacrum. Once these are activated or cleared it often is enough to improve bladder control and also free up the pelvic area resulting in greater mobility. An acupuncturist might also employed points along the Spleen and Kidney meridian . Often these are found along the inside of the lower leg and ankle area. The spleen has a different connotation than in western medicine. In Chinese medicine the spleen is seen as impacting the digestion of foods and liquids. Other points which are employed by Acupuncture Rochester NY involve the Ren acupuncture vessel known as Ren 4 found on the lower belly. It’s important to note that Acupuncture Rochester NY not only helps the nerve energy known as Qi but also provides structure support for the bladder and back which can help the condition. Since many of the acupuncture points are in the lower back or arch of the foot activation of these points can help improve body alignment and arthritic issues in the lower back. These are issues which can also have a secondary impact on bladder incontinence as it can take the physical stress off the organs.

Frequently practitioners of Acupuncture Rochester NY will often also prescribe herbal formulas to help strengthen the kidneys and bladder. Such formulas as:  Shi ZI Pian  or  Bu ZHong YI Qi Wan are easily found on-line or in most herbal stores. At Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture we have been using Acupuncture to treat Bladder Incontinence since we opened our doors in 1983. Located in Penfield the office serve Fairport, Webster and the greater Rochester NY area. Patients are welcomed to call for a free consultation. For additional information on Acupuncture and Bladder Incontinence check out the link below. Your kidneys will be glad you did.

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