Can Acupuncture Help With Asthma?

Asthma SymptomsAnyone who has battled the symptoms of asthma will likely try just about anything to get a breath of fresh air.  We provide Acupuncture treatments to our patients in Rochester NY.  While acupuncture for asthma may seem a bit far fetched it has safely been used for centuries to correct physiological issues that cause asthma such as the shortness of breath and spasms of the bronchial tubes. Acupuncture has effectively treated smoking disorders and the protocols in treating asthma are quite similar. Acupuncture points on the forearm and ear are most commonly used. While these points are generally on the lung meridian often there are other pathways such as the Kidney, Stomach and Large Intestine which are incorporated into the treatment as well. The meridians frequently run the length of the body, traveling the surface of the skin and are like circuit boards, carrying Qi to the body’s different physiological systems. While different from western medicine this is a main axiom of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture sessions can last generally about an hour and the number of needles used can range from five to twenty.

Our acupuncture treatments in Rochester NY may not a replacement for an asthmatic’s inhaler but it can certainly enhance it’s effect. As an input into the nervous system acupuncture can help balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic stimulation to the lungs and help with dilation. Frequently needles are also placed along the spine at the base of the neck which are the corresponding nerve innervations to the lungs. The effects of the treatments are cumulative over time but most treatment plans consist of approximately 10 treatments over several weeks. All patients are different. How old someone is, how much damage is done and how good is the doctor are all issues which can effect an outcome.

Acupuncture Rochester NYPractitioners of Acupuncture in Rochester NY often use dietary recommendations to help an asthmatic get their breath back. Diets high in carbohydrates have been known to aggravate asthma as foods high in sugars can pull potassium out of the body and push the body into a more sympathetic state. Certain herbs such as mullein and American Ginseng can also be used particularly when long term damage has been done to the lung tissue. In selecting a practitioner for Acupuncture in Rochester NY it’s important to keep in mind that all acupuncturists tend to work differently. While many follow the same overall guidelines it’s important to consider that healing is as much an art as it is a science. A sit down consultation with a recommended doctor is always a good idea to make sure the fit is right for you and your primary health provider. Your lungs will be glad you did.

For further information check out the link below from the Mayo clinic on information regarding asthma and natural remedies such as acupuncture.

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