Can Acupuncture Help With a Stiff Neck?

Can acupuncture help a stiff neck?Most of us have ended up with a stiff neck at one time or another, either from sleeping on a worn out pillow or perhaps getting caught in a prolonged draft from a car ride. Needless to say it can be a frustrating experience especially if one has a full calendar for the day and you’re walking around looking like something from a late night horror movie. Acupuncture treatment in Rochester NY often has the answer when the ‘ tried and true methods have failed.’ Unlike most models in western medicine Acupuncture looks at the concept of balance with the individual to determine the cause of the problem. Diet and exercise can play a role as well as the person’s constitutional typing. Although best known for pain control Acupuncture is a discipline that looks at the long term solution of restoration of function than just the quick fix.

Specifically in regards to Acupuncture services in Rochester NY a practitioner would develop a treatment plan that fits the need of the patient. There are no Betty Crocker doctors in this type of healing. The energy pathways in Acupuncture are referred to as the meridians and there are 4 separate channels which come up the side of the neck which can be used in the therapy. Small sterile needles are inserted along the energy pathways to break up the muscles spasms, quiet the nervous system and redirect the energy to other areas of the upper body. Frequently with Acupuncture in Rochester NY other support therapies such as massage and electric stimulation are used to enhance the process. The art of cupping is often also used in offices for Acupuncture in Rochester NY. This is an old technique which involves using glass cups as suction devices to move lymph and metabolic waste products in the product. Sometimes cupping can leave behind temporary bruising which looks like a run-in with an octopus. However, the end result is that pain is reduced and better range of motion for the patient is restored. The technique has few side effects and often can enhance the acupuncture treatment.

acupuncture for neck pain in Rochester NYAcupuncture treatment in Rochester NY can also address a number of other neck issues. These include osteoarthritis, neurological diseases and acute injuries from trauma where the goal is to reduce inflammation and restore mobility. Acupuncture is a safe and effective therapy and can often complement the efforts of more common methodologies of chiropractic and physical therapy.

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