Can Acupuncture Help My Sleep Problem? Treating Depression with Acupuncture

Can Acupuncture Help My Sleep Problem

Can Acupuncture Help My Sleep Problem?Can Acupuncture Help My Sleep Problem?  A very legitimate question for the millions of insomniacs out there. When it comes to over-the-counter medications sales sleep disorders placed third, followed only by digestive and constipation issues that people seek relief from. So then, what is the basis behind the question;  Can Acupuncture Help My Sleep Problem?

Practiced for thousand of years acupuncture is an input into the nervous system. It works well for pain management and smoking cessation.  Consequently the mechanisms for sleep is also quite similar and patients respond fairly quickly to a treatment plan. Practitioners of Acupuncture Rochester NY often use small needles that follow energy pathways along the upper torso and head area to provide relief. These pathways are known as the meridians in acupuncture. The needles are inserted into specific points along the channel which then can rebalance the body. This helps to relief stress as the nervous system shifts and returns to normal. In addition, Acupuncture Rochester NY   can also cause changes in the body chemistry as endorphins are released.  This helps not sleeping issues but general stress management as well.

Acupuncture has been shown to be both safe and painless. Sessions generally run about a hour in length of time. Typically a treatment plan for sleep disorders or insomnia can be between six to ten sessions.

As part of the treatment plan your Acupuncture Rochester NY practitioner might also recommend a herbal formula to help with sleeping. Such sleep formulas as Suan Zao Ren Tang or He Huan Ding Shen are safe to take and are easily available through your local herbal store.

Dr Sadlon - Acupuncture Rochester NY

Dr Sadlon –
Acupuncture Rochester NY

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