How Can I Strengthen My Immune System with Nutrition

How Can I Strengthen My Immune System with NutritionHow Can I Strengthen My Immune System with Nutrition? is a common question for those seeking help from nutrition. Due to food processing, the advent of GMO foods and lack of healthy eating options most individuals have a compromised diet. In turn this can lead to poor digestion, low energy, poor sleep and a weakened immune system. For many individuals a comprehensive exam is in order. However there are some simple rules everyone can follow to help put them back on track.

Sometimes after years of poor eating it’s important to get back to basics. Diet, Digestion and Detoxification is often a good place to start. A good diet often depends on the breakdown of the different food choices and the issue of whether the individual can digest them or not. There are numerous diets out there yet some individuals react better to different ones. This can depend on a person’s food allergies and whether they have difficulty with a particular food substrate. Gluten and Diary intolerances are common and some individuals have trouble digesting fats. So, one can either go to a health practitioner to help guide them in the right direction or else it might be a case of  ‘ hit and miss ‘ until the right one for the individual. However, whatever the process is it’s important that each person zero’s in on the right foods for them.

Whatever the digestive system cannot handle in the food breakdown the immune system has to pick up the slack. Consequently symptoms of redness, swelling and inflammation are all reflections of poor digestion and lack of enzymes in the body.  Often something as simple as taking Betaine Hydrochloride can make a huge difference in protein digestion. Since different organs and metabolic systems run on different food substrates a lack of digestion of one substance can present long standing problems. The heart for example runs on fatty acids, the protein runs the adrenals and the thyroid functions best on carbohydrates. Fortunately understanding the right diet approach is a simple exercise for most practitioners of Holistic Medicine Rochester NY and many acupuncturists and chiropractors are versed in these approaches.

In addition, to best answer the question How Can I Strengthen My Immune System With Nutrition? often lies in initiating a detoxification plan. Certain herbs like dandelion and burdock are good spring time remedies to help tune up the liver and kidneys. These also help flush the lymph system and help aid the immune systems cells located in the small intestine. Although these can both be found in your front yard they are easily obtained at the health food store for a nominal price.

Dr Sadlon - Rochester NY

Dr Sadlon –
Rochester NY

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