Can Acupuncture Help With Cancer Treatments ?

Anyone who has had a close friend or family undergo treatment for cancer can appreciate the problems their loved one has to endure. Loss of appetite, diarrhea, weight loss, cough, dizziness, fatigue, anxiety, peripheral neuropathy, and dry mouth are but a few of side effects of chemotherapy.

Patients feel like their life is taken from them. They’re being subjected to a mid-evil house of horrors of being cut, burned or poisoned.

Cancer therapies are in a category of their own.

Medical options which are both effective and preserve the quality of life are not available unless one wants to pursue alternative medicines. Such as acupuncture and a change of diet.

Acupuncture is not a cure for cancer, but it helps with many of the side effects. It also addresses the emotional stress and depression that comes with cancer treatments. That’s because acupuncture helps to restore balance to the body.

While such Oriental medical concepts such as Yin / Yang and Qi may sound mysterious, they are about restoring homeostasis to the body. This is the body’s natural state: where the biological systems are most optimized.

How does acupuncture help?

Acupuncture aids in increasing blood cell production and enhance natural killer cells and lymphocytes. This leads to a better immune response by stimulating the body.

In acupuncture, the body is mapped out with energy pathways known as the meridians. Although these pathways have no anatomical structure, many of the overlaps correspond with much of the patient’s nervous system.

When acupuncture needles are inserted into a patient, it’s really about putting an input into the nervous system to help direct the body into a more healing direction.

Combined with other natural therapies, acupuncture can help give a cancer patient an extra edge in restoring their health.