What is Applied Kinesiology?

What is Applied Kinesiology

So, What is Applied Kinesiology? Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic and treatment technique that incorporates aspects of Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and Nutrition. Developed by George Goodheart, Jr., D.C., and his associates over the last 50 years it’s founded on the axiom that the body is a self-correcting and self-maintaining system . The treatment protocols developed allow the body to return to normal when confronted with a broad spectrum of functional health problems.  Applied Kinesiology also focuses on three fundamental factors that are the cause of health issues. These include; Structure, Chemical and Emotions. In Applied Kinesiology these factors form an equilateral triangle and attention needs to be given to observing all sides if the person is to be treated. Structure for example not only deals with the obvious issues such as sprains and strains which produce a certain degree of health loss it can also focus on such conditions as scoliosis, arthritis and irritation of the nerve roots as they leave the spinal column. The Chemical side of the triangle can be control via drugs but it also incorporates nutritional deficiencies and allergens that the body has to deal with. Often these problems can be subtle in nature and sometimes the problem can stem from an access as well as a deficiency of a certain nutrient. Again, the result can be a general loss of health. In Applied Kinesiology there are palpatory tests to help determine the presence of deficiencies and the effects of drugs on the body. With the emotions there is no question that health can affect mental attitude and visa versa. Ongoing depression can be the result of hypothyroidism or low blood sugar. Hyperactivity in children and ADD can be result of a carbohydrate intolerance where the body is low in potassium and carbs are not getting into the brain. Postural changes can also affect emotions as demonstrated by the work of F.M. Alexander. The important factor is to find and treat the cause of stress in each person and that is the focus of Applied Kinesiology.