General Nutrition

General Nutrition, General Nutrition involves more than just the four food groups which for some people consist of pizza, donuts, tacos and burgers. It also involves  the body’s ability to digest them. Have you ever noticed why some people eat pristine diets yet are still sick ? Well it’s often a malabsorption problem insofar as the body can’t digest it. So dar’lin,  it ain’t always the fault of the Big-Mac Ding-Dong diet, it’s the fact you can’t digest it. Digestion takes place in the small intestines. The enzyme lipase digests fats, protease digests protein and amylase handles carbohydrates. When this does not happen properly the body can’t absorb the food and the immune system has to take over. Such issues as gas, bloating, swelling and redness can be seen as an immunological response but it still comes back to the basic issue as to how the handles foods and processes them as frequently the liver and kidneys can be temporarily overloaded.  Each person is different yet there are some telling points in how we all should eat relative to General Nutrition.  First of all try and eat organic or locally food whenever possible. Consume heavy foods such as meat, fish and poultry in moderation. Limit processed foods and refined foods whenever possible. Try and reduce sugar and artificial sugar substitutes such as aspartame whenever possible. Overcooking or microwaving can also affect the General Nutrition of a meal and should be limited as critical enzymes can be destroyed. Also note the coloring , aging or fumigating of a food product as it’s value may be compromised.  Fruits should also be eaten raw without salt or sugar and lightly steam your vegetables. Foods that contain stimulants should also be limited . These include coffee, colas and black teas. Coffee especially can have a negative on the adrenals as it can push them past the point of exhaustion and affects other systems such as blood sugar. Coffee doesn’t so much give you energy as it lends you energy at high interest rates. In looking at General Nutrition it’s also important to note each person is different and family genetic factors can also play a part based on the ethnic background. Your Doctor of Chiropractic can often help find the right diet for you…..