Chronic Fatigue and Applied Kinesiology

Are you feeling run down?  Chronically Fatigued?  Try Applied Kinesiology.

Chronic Fatigue has always been a bit of a trash can description for a condition that can takes on many forms for different reasons. However, Chronic Fatigue and Applied Kinesiology has the advantage of being able to diagnostically track things down quickly particularly the functional type disorders where it is often difficult to find things to measure. People in this category often find themselves going from doctor to doctor looking for a cure for their fatigue without ever coming up with a creditable treatment plan. While there are a host of issues that can cause chronic fatigue such as a low thyroid or a chronic infection most tiredness seems to be caused by the liver. Important issues like blood sugar, the ATP cycle and iron issues are all energy factors which come from the liver.  Fortunately, these are also issues most Applied Kinesiologists are trained to work with. While most practitioners of Applied Kinesiology are chiropractors AK is a field which is open to all and it is also practiced by dentists, medical doctors, nutritionists and body workers. As with other medical disciplines the patient would receive a exam based on their signs and symptoms. This might include diet as well as a person’s exercise routine. The exam would also frequently involve a detailed case history and checking different visceral reflexes on the body through palpation. By locating spots of tenderness these can be correlated with emotional, chemical or structural stress in the body. Once identified the focus centers on removal of the stress. This can be done via chiropractic , acupuncture or other forms of body work. At Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture our doctors are skilled in the treating of Chronic Fatigue and Applied Kinesiology. The office serves Pittsford, Fairport and the greater Rochester NY area. Call today for a free consultation.