Treating food allergies with Applied Kinesiology

Treating food allergies with Applied Kinesiology can be a quick and easy approach to determining allergies to certain foods. This is especially important today because of the amount of gluten in the diet and the large number of GMO foods now sold commercially. Founded by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960’s Applied Kinesiology involves muscle testing to determine what aspects of the body are in a compromised state.

In treating food allergies this is done by putting a suspected substance in a subject mouth and then muscle testing an indicator muscle which was previous strong to see if a change in strength occurs. Usually if a substance is harmful to an individual the previous strong muscle will go weak. While this may seem like hocus-pocus to some, early studies using lab rats demonstrated that food place in the mouth can quickly in the brain via the soft pallet of the roof of the mouth, sometimes reacting in only a matter of seconds.

It was speculated this is part of the reason animals in the wild usually have an instinctive awareness as to when to stay away from poisonous substances. Treating food allergies with Applied Kinesiology is important as often food allergies are the cause of issues like brain fog and ADD in the classroom. Inappropriate foods can tax the individual immune system and also lead to a number of digestive symptoms. Generally there are a list of suspected foods everyone should be tested for. These include, milk, peanuts, soy, corn,  coffee, sugar, egg ( both white and yolk separately ) bread aka gluten and cheese.

This is simple to test for with Applied Kinesiology and usually all be done on one office list. A list of offending substances is made by your doctor and a treatment is devised to either eliminate them or come up with a strategy where the body is best able to handle them such as the use of a digestive enzyme. At Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture our doctors have been treating food allergies with Applied Kinesiology since 1983. Located in Penfield we serve Webster, Fairport and the greater Rochester NY area. Call today for a free consultation and put yourself back on the road to health.