What is an Atlas chiropractic Adjustment

Atlas Chiropractic Adjustment, Atlas Chiropractic Adjustment involves an adjustment to the upper two cervical vertebrae’s of the neck. These are located close to the base of the skull and their proper alignment is important as the positioning can affect the rest of the spine.  The top two vertebrae are atypical in their shape and consequently often require special attention. They can impact neurological input coming down from the brain stem and are often involved in chronic neck pain or migraine headaches. The name atlas gets it’s name from the mythological figure Atlas who was credited with holding up the world. Thus the first cervical vertebrae was so named as it is the top spinal bone that the skull sits on. It’s companion known as the axis is also important for similar reasons. Since there are three major cranial nerves which exit the base of the skull any adjustment of these bones can have an effect in restoring nerve flow or function to an area that has been compromised. Often this condition is overlooked at the typical medical visit and instead requires a chiropractor’s attention . It is recommended that whenever a neck problem involving pain does not clear up that a chiropractic evaluation be sought. Although chiropractic is a licensed health profession throughout the country it’s medical approach is somewhat different than conventional medicine and can often provide a solution to a chronic condition with a poor treatment response. The actual treatment adjustment to these two bones is quite simple and can involve a manipulation of either the atlas or the axis. Sometimes a small adjusting tool is used as a hand held device to get a more accurate correction. This is especially true in small children whose bone structure is smaller. The time taken for an adjustment to be completed is a few minutes and most patients require between 5-10 sessions for the spine to realign itself.  An Atlas Chiropractic Adjustment is a safe and simple procedure which is performed thousands of times on a daily basis without injury or side effects. To read more about this or other chiropractic / acupuncture techniques visit our website @www.drsadlon.com . Your atlas will be glad you did.