Chiropractic Spinal Exams

Chiropractic Spinal Exams and the Chiropractic Benefit, Chiropractic Spinal Exams and the Chiropractic Benefit can have enormous healing potential for the average individual. Insofar as the bony spine houses the spinal cord and provides structural stability to ensure proper body mechanics it’s healthy maintenance is too often overlooked. Frequently being tired with stiff sore joints can be the result of the spine being out of alignment and needing a chiropractic adjustment.

As part of any treatment plan a chiropractor will begin with a thoroughly examination of the spine. This will generally include x-rays but also will evaluate a patient’s range of motion and muscle strength. Neurological findings are also important and frequently deep tendon reflexes and a cranial nerve assessment are also part of the exam. Often the examination will find a previously overlooked medical problem such as scoliosis or other bone defects. The purpose is to assess the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and determine the best way to remove stress from the spine and the body. This process can reduce chronic pain or inflammation due to such conditions as arthritis.

Once spinal corrections are made normal range of motion in the back is restored and the person can move through their daily routine in a pain free way. Most chiropractic examinations and treatment plans are relatively routine requiring several visits over a couple of weeks. During these sessions a patient’s progress will be monitored with appropriate changes made to achieve the desired result. In a study done by Hoiriis in Chiropractic Research Journal 1999, regular chiropractic users report improved physical and emotional health, less drugs, less stress, more vitality and life enjoyment.

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