How Can Chiropractic Help Me

How Can Chiropractic Help Me, How Can Chiropractic Help Me is a honest question if someone has never been to a chiropractor before. Most individuals choose chiropractic for the first time as an avenue of last resort and often stumble into a chiropractor’s office looking like death warmed over. Sometimes that is due to the public misperception that chiropractors are not really doctors or the patient’s lack of experience with the profession. In actuality only 7% of the population have experience chiropractic for themselves, however, when they do it’s often with good results. My first office in Ann Arbor Michigan was in an office building that was next to a grave yard. Even though we received numerous referrals from hospitals and family practitioners in the community the joke was that I was the last stop on the line before the undertaker. Needless to say Halloween in our office was often quite a hoot !  In time I built a large practice made up of mostly medical failures. Over the last forty years contemporary chiropractic education has also been on par with most well known medical schools. Often a bachelor’s degree in a medical science is required as part of the admissions process and most chiropractic programs involve four years of study followed by an internship. A national certification test is also required along with specific state and local requirements needed to practice. The advantage of Chiropractic is that it is a natural healing art based natural medicine. There are no drugs or surgeries and the premise behind it’s philosophy is restoring health by balancing the nervous system. While chiropractors also have a reputation for being the headache or backache guys much of what chiropractors treat are in the areas digestive disorders, colds / flu, asthma, arthritis and everyday aches and pains. In a clinical study by Ressel JVSR 2004 back misalignments were correlated with other health complaints among a population of 650 children. So if you have chronic pain or an unresolved medical condition you might want to give chiropractic a try and perhaps answer your own question as to How Can Chiropractic Help Me. Chiropractic is widely recognized by the major insurance companies and doctors fees are quite reasonable.