Chiropractic and back pain relief

Chiropractic and back pain relief Chiropractic and Back Pain Relief

Chiropractic and back pain relief are perhaps as synonymous  as salt and pepper. While chiropractic is technically the removal of nerve interference and balancing the nervous system through an adjustment it’s the immediate relief that patients obtain that has made back pain relief the hallmark for chiropractic. Frequently back pain can be caused by any number of temporary factors related to stress. A patient’s structure through poor alignment, improper nutrition or emotional turmoil all can play a part in an acute episode of back spasm and pain. A doctor of chiropractic is trained to find the misalignments in a patient’s spine and correct the condition through the removal of the structural stress. Most individuals experience back pain at one time or another in their lives. This can be due to something as common as having slept on an improper mattress or an on the job lifting injury. At the time of a patient’s first visit a comprehensive medical history is taken by the doctor. A neurological and orthopedic exam is performed to get an understanding of the patient’s condition and a treatment is formulated for the patient going forward. Many times an internal organ can also refer pain to the spinal area and this can be an additional concern for the doctor. The spine consists of thirty-three individual segments divided into three main groups. There are seven cervicals, twelve thoraics, five lumbars. Additionally there are minor segments in the sacral and tail bone area. Each group is shaped differently anatomically and can respond in an unique fashion to treatment. Most acute cases of back pain resolve themselves between three and six treatment encounters. Often chiropractic and back pain relief requires the use of ice packs or heat applications to augment the healing process. These frequently can be performed by the patient at home. The next time you or a family has a flare-up of an old injury think Chiropractic and back pain relief.