Chiropractic and Neck Pain Relief

Chiropractic and Neck Pain ReliefChiropractic for neck pain

Chiropractic and Neck Pain Relief have been around since 1895. It was during that year that the first chiropractic neck adjustment was performed by D.D. Palmer in Davenport Iowa. The patient had suffered a hearing loss for several years and Palmer was able to restore the man’s hearing through a chiropractic adjustment to the upper most bone in the neck which cleared the nerve interference. Thus the chiropractic profession was born.  Chiropractic and Neck Pain Relief have come a long way since then but chiropractic remains a viable option in the treatment of neck pain. Most individuals suffer from neck pain at one time or another in their lives. These are often caused by misalignments in the neck called subluxations. Subluxations can cause a loss of mobility, stiffness and swelling and set a person up an early onset of arthritis. Left untreated these can sometimes end in neck surgery. Your doctor of chiropractic is trained to remove subluxations in the neck and shoulder girdle through manual adjustments and also treat the area with other pain reducing techniques such as acupuncture. Statistically, Chiropractic and Neck Pain Relief work well in a rapid return to work. Studies done by the Michigan Department of Labor reflect that chiropractic care hastened the return time to work for workers in the auto industry when compared with other standard forms of treatment.  In the treatment of neck pain chiropractors interface well with a multi-disciplinary approach involving other professionals when using chiropractic and neck pain relief. Chiropractors are trained in the use of X-rays, orthopedics and neurology  in assessing a neck injury. A chiropractor will often prescribe exercise as part of the rehabilitation program  in bringing about a recovery. These can be performed at home by the patient . Topical ointments and massage are also frequently utilized. The next time you or a member of your family have a headache  or sore neck think Chiropractic and Neck Pain Relief.