Chiropractic to strengthen the immune system

Chiropractic to strengthen the immune systemChiropractic health and acupuncture Rochester NY

Chiropractic to strengthen the immune system, The idea of spontaneous remissions is not a new idea.  In the book  ‘ Spontaneous Remissions ‘  1993,  by O’Regan and Hirshberg  the authors detail hundreds of cases of different etiologies where a person’s immune system has been able to rectify itself against infections or a metabolic disorder. The truth is the immune system is constantly battling rogue cancer cells as part of it’s daily process to keep an individual healthy. This is part of the innate intelligence that the creator instilled in all of us. Due to factors such as environmental pollutants and compromised food sources such as GMO products the immune system is under constant assault to keep diseases at bay. Chiropractic itself is a powerful tool that helps support the nervous system and body’s visceral function. This is perhaps more true than ever before due to the use of immunization shots on the part of the medical community. There have been numerous studies by individuals such as Ressel 2004, Boone 2006 and Brennan 1991 that demonstrate the ability of Chiropractic to strengthen the immune system. Your chiropractor is trained to detect misalignments in your spine known as subluxations. These can interfere with nerve flow in the body and compromise the overall health and well being of the individual. By providing a treatment plan which can correct these imbalances can help restore health and vitality. The office of Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture has been Penfield, Fairport and the greater Rochester NY area since 1983. Our staff can provide help in utilizing Chiropractic to strengthen the immune system. Call today for a free consultation.