Chiropractic and TMJ problems

Chiropractic and TMJ problemsChiropractic care rochester NY

Chiropractic and TMJ problems, The TMJ comprising of the mandible and associated structures is perhaps the most complicated joint in the body. When a person’s bite mechanic is not aligned properly or has a history of compromised dental work frequently the TMJ will produced a host of painful symptomology. According to John Laughlin past President of the Holistic Dental Association, ” UP to 78% of the general public has some amount of TMJ dysfunction often occurring as the result of poor nutrition or even as a result of the birth process. ”  The medical approach to this is usually muscle relaxant drugs or an oral appliance such as an night guard to limit the symptoms. However, due to the relationship of structure and TMJ issues often these individuals will benefit from chiropractic care. In a study done by Alcantara, Plaugher and Kemp in JMPT 2002 individuals with  TMJ problems did significantly better than the control with the addition of chiropractic adjustments to their dental treatments. While TMJ issues can be related to the jaw itself often issues such as poor posture, spinal or skull subluxations and accidents can also contribute to the problem. The use of applied kinesiology and chiropractic can also help balance the muscles the neck and skull relieving the pain and pressure. Chiropractic and TMJ problems have shown to be effective due to certain chiropractic and alignment techniques. Frequently your chiropractor will take a series of specific X-rays to the upper neck and cranial area to focus on the first two cervical vertebra known as the atlas and the axis. Once these two are align properly it can greatly add to the body correcting itself and unwrapping the problem. At Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture one of our focuses is Chiropractic and TMJ problems. We offer a free consultation and have been serving the Penfield, Fairport and great Rochester NY area since 1983.