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Applied Kinesiology for hiatal hernia

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Applied Kinesiology for hiatal hernia, Hiatal hernias are a common occurrence in western culture caused by poor posture mechanics, prolonged sitting and dietary issues. Sliding hiatal hernias are particularly common and are often accompanied by gastro esophageal reflux. This occurs as a person’s diaphragm will ‘ ride up’  around the esophagus much like rubber boot around the stick shift in your car.  This can cause a feeling of bloating and distention. This can also lead to considerable discomfort and possibly interfere with sleep.  The diaphragm itself is a thin, broad, dome shaped muscle which separates the abdominal cavity from the chest cavity and has attachments onto the thoracic spine. Fortunately non-invasive treatments using Applied Kinesiology for hiatal hernias are available. Utilizing a series of reflux  / acupuncture points along the bottom of the ribcage an applied kinesiologist will be able to determine where the tissues is most affected. Through techniques similar to therapeutic massage a therapist will be able relax the area and allow the diaphragm to resume it’s proper positioning. Sometimes a chiropractic adjustment is also needed to help release the attachment areas in the middle of the back . Relative to diet it’s recommended to stay away from onions or acid foods during acute episodes.  Digestive enzymes have also been shown effective for chronic reflux and can be a nice alternative to the ‘ purple pill ‘ .Breathing exercises are also important as the diaphragm needs to be get in the habit of functioning properly through normal breaths rather than the shallow breathing most individuals exhibit. Consequently exercises such as yoga or time on the Nordic Track can be useful. Your applied kinesiologist will be helpful in helping you select the right exercise program and providing tips to best your day to day issues. At Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture Applied Kinesiology for hiatal hernias is one of our focuses. Located in Penfield NY we have been serving the greater Rochester NY community since 1983 .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Check out this video