Treating Neck Pain With Acupuncture

Chronic Neck Pain

Anyone who has ever woke up with a stiff neck or had an old neck injury can testify to the nagging problems a chronic sore neck can cause. Sometimes the pain is severe enough to warrant attention from a licensed health professional.

The stock and trade approach to this is often painkillers and tranquilizers. If that doesn’t work steroids or other injections can be used. Often too a prescription for physical therapy is given. Usually, these therapies have limited effect.

Over time, the condition can cause arthritis and further limit a person’s mobility. If none of that sounds appealing perhaps considering acupuncture should be a possibility.

Only consider surgery as a last resort. Sever torticollis also known as wry neck and Bells Palsy have all responded to acupuncture treatments.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture can often correct the stress in the neck caused by the injury by relieving tension in the muscles.  Your neck is a tightly compressed area filled with blood vessels, nerves, and bones.
By inserting small needles into the head region under the skin, acupuncture breaks up the muscle spasm which can’t be reached by conventional means.

One of the main principals behind acupuncture is restoring balance to the body. When certain muscles are too tight, the treatment helps them to relax. However, if the muscles are too flaccid, treatment will strengthen them. This is often done through the use of electric stimulation or using a cold laser in conjunction with the needles.

Start Today

Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for chronic neck problems. Just as a periodic checkup is necessary for your vision and dental needs a visit to your acupuncturist can help restore balance to your nervous system and give your immune system a needed boost.

If you’re ready to try acupuncture today, contact our office to schedule an appointment.