Chinese Herb and Longevity

Chinese Herb and Longevity,  So, do Chinese Herb and Longevity go together ?  Can I beat Father Time and turn block my bio clock by taking my daily dose of He Shu Wu and Ginseng everyday ?  Well it’s not like drinking from the Fountain of Youth but yes Virginia, Chinese herbs can help to a certain extent covering everything from sagging skin to giving your hormones a boast.  Because of their biochemical nature herbs can act as anti-oxidants to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are like cellular exhaust that disrupt metabolic pathways and can cause cells to degrade in the body. This is what happens when the body ages. However, when herbs are put into the right format or herbal formula they can give the body a source of energy and help address deficiency patterns so your body is not robbing Peter to pay Paul. Herbs also have a big advantage in that they’re already in a natural primordial state which require little digestion or processing on the body’s part. After all that’s the way God intended it.  Think about it. One does not go out an find Vitamin D-3 growing on a bush. Anytime you take something in a natural state your body has a much better chance to work with it. Herbs have been part of the healing traditions of different cultures since recorded time often as a result of trial and error on the part of early healers. Many of the same Chinese formulas which were concocted 2500 years ago are still in use today for the same conditions and their use is reimbursed by insurance companies. It is also estimated that 30 % of all pharmacological drugs contain at least herbal component as it’s active ingredient. This is especially true for over-the -counter remedies for pain relief, headaches and digestive disorders. So the next time you look in the mirror and see that bald spot getting a bit bigger or don’t like those wrinkles in your forehead think about giving herbs a try. Your biological time clock will be glad you did. For further information check out our website at www.