Herbal Remedies Can Help You Deal with Colds and the Flu

Medical doctors and the news may have you believing the only way to treat or prevent the flu and colds is to get the flu shot or invest in a tons of cold medicine. However, they fail to tell you there are many other ways to treat colds and the flu.

Herbal remedies were around for thousands of years for one simple reason—most of them worked. People who know the dangers of too many flu vaccines and the side effects of most prescription and over the counter cold and flu medicines are beginning to investigate more natural ways of treating and preventing illness. The use of herbs is one very effective to help the body deal with any illness that may come your way. Echinacea, in particular, has been used forever to boost the immune system and help lessen the symptoms of colds. Other herbs, such as elderberry, work to purify the body and remove the pathogens and toxins that cause disease in the first place. The quicker those pathogens are removed from the body, the quicker you can feel well. Once illness takes hold, herbs like ginger can be a big help as you deal with the symptoms. Ginger is widely known as an anti-inflammatory that helps with both cold and flu symptoms. Most of the herbs that you can turn to for help with treatment and prevention of colds and flu can be found in tea form. Using chamomile tea with some honey is an ideal way to treat a sore throat and cough also.

Chiropractic Rochester care can help alleviate many symptoms of the cold and flu, and also help boost your immune system overall. Before you simply fall in line to get another shot or buy tons of medicines with more ingredients and side effects anything should have, check out the advice and guidance from a chiropractor Rochester residents trust. The more you know about herbal and natural remedies, the better you can take care of yourself this winter and all year through.