The Flu Shot May Still Pose a Danger

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of confusing information about vaccines. The safety of any vaccine has been called into question as vaccines have been linked to illness and even autism in some isolated studies. Anecdotally, many people have been ringing the warning bell about vaccines for nearly a decade. The flu shot has also been at the heart of some these stories as its safety is still in question.

The chiropractic Rochester services you rely on to stay well and pain free may also be your best defense against illness. Chiropractic care may be a wiser choice to prevent the flu when you know the dangers that are still a present with the flu vaccine. One very real danger that isn’t talked about enough is the amount of mercury and other toxins that are still found in some vaccines, including the flu shot. While laws were enacted years ago to remove mercury from vaccines, it is still present in some flu shots. In fact, some studies suggest there are 25 micrograms of mercury in a flu shot, which is five times the safe amount for a 110lb person. Newer studies have also found a link between the flu shot and the likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s disease. The study suggest if someone has five or more consecutive flu shots, they may be ten times more likely to get Alzheimer’s.

Other dangers of the flu shot pertain to how much it suppresses the immune system. By weakening the immune system overall, the body is simply more susceptible to illness if you get the shot rather than focus on strengthening your immune system.  Reports are also finding the numbers used to scare people into thinking the flu shot is vital to their very survival are inflated, combining flu deaths and incidents of flu with those who have died of pneumonia or have other flu-like illnesses.

While the studies are ongoing, most experts are coming to realize there are many ways to protect yourself and stay healthy aside from simply relying on a flu shot. A chiropractor Rochester professional can help you determine other ways to strengthen your immune system and protect yourself this winter and the whole year through.