Holistic Treatment for Allergies

Holistic_Treatment_for_AllergiesHolistic Treatment for Allergies offers an extensive array of options for patients whether the cause is food related or an environmental sensitivity. Too often allergies are the hidden reason behind a chronic illness. However, they are often overlooked as a practitioner does not always know what to look for in their assessment.  In the case of food sensitivities whenever the body exhibits swelling, redness or inflammation it’s a tell tale sign of poor digestion and the fact that simple over the counter enzymes may be needed to correct the problem. This falls into the category of many of the inflammatory arthritis’s such as gout and rheumatoid which are triggered by food intake. Fortunately these can be easily corrected through dietary modification. If your body can’t digest the food properly then the immune system has to pick up the slack, consequently symptoms of swelling and redness may appear in the joints. In this case Holistic Treatment for Allergies might be as simple as having a 24 urine collection sent to a lab to determine if there is a problem with one of the food groups. Such food substances such as gluten and dairy have long histories of their allergic effects on the population. This is due to our increasingly mixed gene pool in America but also to the food substances themselves. Milk especially is very species specific, cow’s milk is for cows and not for humans. This is perhaps more so after one considers the pasteurization process which changes the size of the molecule which can affect the body’s ability to absorb it. Although gluten is a protein it is often found in carbohydrate foods. It’s presence in the food chain has increased over the years as many of the common varieties of grains we once had have become extinct. Gluten sensitivities can be especially damaging for the body’s digestive tract and can set off a host of other immunological diseases if not brought under control. Both chiropractic and Acupuncture have treatment protocols to address these issues effectively.

Environmental sensitivities can also cause hidden health issues and also be an avenue for Holistic Treatment for Allergies. This is result of heavy metals and other chemical compounds in the environment which can cause neurological disorders and other degenerative conditions such as cancer. Herbal programs to detoxify the liver, kidneys and lymph system are inexpensive and easy to do. However these should be done under the supervision of a medical professional. Stress also plays a role in allergies since as our stress level increases over time it can deplete our adrenal glands. This can affect our body’s ability to respond to the sources of inflammation it’s trying to bring under control.

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Dr Sadlon –
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