Proper Footwear Can Help An Achy Back

Proper Footwear Can Help An Achy BackProper Footwear Can Help An Achy Back. Strange as it may sound feet play an important role for the person with an achy back. From a biomechanical perspective feet make up the structural base to support the hips and vertebrae.  So, why is this important ?  Well, the foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. Everything in the body is connected and if the foot is not aligned properly the spinal curves which provide posture can be thrown off.  This happens as a result of gravity producing muscle cramping and joint misalignments elsewhere in the person’s spine. Often the person’s walking gait is also compromised.  Consequently Proper Footwear Can Help an Achy Back particularly in combination with a Chiropractor in Rochester NY. Most chiropractic physicians are trained in treating extremities such as the feet and wrists as problems in these areas frequently results in pain moving into other areas of the body. So if that old back problem hasn’t resolved itself after several months a examination of the foot is in order. While other medical professions are trained to treat foot problems only chiropractic physicians are trained in providing structural adjustments to the joints of the feet. Often this restores the range of motion needed for the joint to operate efficiently and often results in reduced pain and inflammation. Frequently as part of the exam X-rays are often taken to better visualize the problem area and rule out any pathology such as stress fractures. If the arches in the feet have dropped your chiropractor may recommend orthotic inserts to be worn in your shoes. These are made by taking a mold your feet and customizing a flexible arch to serve as support for your feet. Generally these can shifted to several different types of shoes a person may have and are quite effective in solving both feet and back issues.

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