Is the Flu Shot Safe?

Is the Flu Shot Safe?  As a health provider who has been in practice over 35 years I have to question both the Flu Shot’s Safety and effectiveness. Every year the medical establishment threatens, coerces and demands obedience from their employees and patients. However multiple studies in scientific journals have indicated the Flu Shots are ineffective across all sociological and age groups. In a review by Sherri Tenpenny D.O. from there is overwhelming evidence of it’s ineffectiveness. More disturbing is that there’s no studies regarding the long term outcomes of annual flu vaccinations year after year. In another study by Carrat F et al. suggested that repeated vaccinations at a young age causes weakening of the immune system and increases the risk of influenza later in life. And according to Hugh Fudenberg M.D. the chances of getting Alzheimer’s is 10 times higher if an individual has had five consecutive flu shots.

Another issue is the chemical makeup of the injection itself bringing into question on whether Is the Flu Shot Safe. These often include environmental toxins and known carcinogens such as mercury, formaldehyde sodium phosphate and polysorbate 80. Any of these can cause long term damage to the reproductive and nervous system. We tell pregnant not to eat tuna fish because of the mercury content but at the same time recommend flu vaccines which have many hundreds of time the mercury content found in tuna fish.

Some times it can also be a proper diagnosis question. Many patients who have respiratory condition with headache, sweats and fever automatically they have the flu. However, they usually do not. Rather they have an influenza-like illness. In one study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control outcomes indicated that only 14 % who had flu like symptoms actually contacted the infection. The rest had some other winter illness. With respect to the senior population specifically, immunization rates were up over 50% in the last 25 years yet researchers found no decline in flu related deaths.

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Dr Sadlon - Acupuncturist Rochester NY

Dr Sadlon – Acupuncturist Rochester NY

So if you’re concerned by the question, “Is The Flu Shot Safe?,” consider the options that natural medicine has to offer such as herbs, chiropractic and acupuncture. A good acupuncture can usually cut a flu episode short in as much as one visit.  Learn more about our acupuncture services on our Acupuncture Rochester NY page.

At Chiropractic Health, Wellness and Acupuncture we take such concerns as, “Is The Flu Shot Safe?,” seriously and try to provide natural options to our patients. Located in Penfield the office serves Webster, Penfield, Fairport, Pittsford, Brighton and the greater Rochester NY area.

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