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back pain

Chiropractic and back pain relief

Chiropractic and back pain relief Chiropractic and back pain relief are perhaps as synonymous  as salt and pepper. While chiropractic is technically the removal of nerve interference and balancing the nervous system through an adjustment it’s the immediate relief that patients obtain that has made back pain relief the hallmark for chiropractic. Frequently back pain

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Local Penfield Ny Chiropractor

Family Chiropractic

Family Chiropractic Family Chiropractic, one of the primary focuses of our office is to provide Family Chiropractic to all members of a household. The age of our patients ranges from a few weeks to individuals in their nineties. We have currently been serving the Rochester area since 1993 and have been able to follow individual family members throughout

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Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Services Chiropractic Services,  The focus of our office is to provide quality care at a reasonable price. Chiropractic Services at our Penfield location consists of an thoroughly exam, case history review and therapeutic goals based on the patient’s needs. While we frequently incorporate Acupuncture and Massage Therapy into out treatment plan we also employ

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