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How Integrative Medicine Can Help The Prostate

As an older male and licensed practitioner, I find it odd on how little time and energy is directed to men’s prostate health. During the summer months, it seems every medical condition in the universe is represented in the media. From diabetes, cancer, and breast awareness. Somehow, us older guys are left to fend for ourselves. This is

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Reducing Your Stress Through Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is often associated with the headache and backache type of complaints. However, a big part of the treatment deals with stress reduction. Chiropractic adjustment do restores mobility to the spine and reduce inflammation. The adjustments are also an input into the nervous system. This can bring balance back to the body so the person

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How To Avoid Back Surgery

Well you finally did it this time. Rushing around the yard before the rain comes and you lifted the wrong thing in an OMG moment ..oops! Now your back is in knots and you’re wondering if chiropractic care or surgery is the right answer.   Fear not, as long as you don’t have pain radiating

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Are Diet Soft Drinks Safe To Drink ?

Are Diet Soft Drinks Safe To Drink? It’s surprising how often the subject of diet drinks comes up during health consults. What’s so bad about diet soda? It’s been around for years. Plus, we’re frequently bombarded with it in advertising on a daily basis. So hey, what could go wrong…right? Wrong. Did you know the primary

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