Applied Kinesiology And Chiropractic

Applied Kinesiology

Despite being widely practiced, applied kinesiology is still often misunderstood. In Rochester, NY, applied kinesiology is common throughout the Alternative Medicine Community.

Applied kinesiology involves the use of “muscle testing” to evaluate the integrity of the body’s ability to “hold” a muscle’s strength against a counter resistance. This force is usually applied by the examiner. A change in the strength of the muscle is an indicator of weakness in that muscle area of the patient. The cause can be brought on by a stress in the body either nutritional, structural or energetic.

Although it’s wide use in the holistic medicine community as an adjunct to more mainstream therapies, there is doubt about its benefits. This often conflicts with the use of testing nutritional substances.

Therapists will sometimes put a substance in a patient mouth and then test arm strength to see if the persons weakens, an indication that the particular substance is harmful to the person.

Although there is some internal consistency to this approach it is often vulnerable to operator bias as it’s often too easy to influence the outcome of such a testing process. However, when used appropriately, and by trained clinicians, applied kinesiology can be beneficial to the patient both as a diagnostic tool and treatment modality.


Founded by Dr. George Goodhart, a chiropractor in Detroit Michigan in the 1960’s, applied kinesiology is best associated with the chiropractic community. However, it is practiced by other professions such as dentists, nutritionists, and physical therapists to name a few.

Applied Kinesiology is a synergy of  aspects of both chiropractic and acupuncture. It involves correcting structural changes to the body via the musculoskeletal system and also through the acupuncture meridians. The idea is restore balance to the body so health can be maintained.

It is perhaps interesting to note, that when a disease process is present in the body there are no metabolic processes at work. Either the body’s systems are running too fast, too slow or they are out sync with each other. Healing is as much an art as it is a science and good health is not just the absence of symptoms but having the person live their life optimally.

The College of Applied Kinesiology ( ICAK ) is a worldwide organization with members in all fifty states and 80 countries around the world. It produces research papers and holds conferences throughout the United States to help further the profession. Contacting the organization can often help a patient find a qualified practitioner in their area.

newoffice-a-300x251At Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture, we have incorporated applied kinesiology into our treatment plans since we opened our doors in 1983.

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